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  • Awesome work guys this is getting me super pumped. I am super bummed I probably wont have anything posted. my compressor that I have had for a long time just decided to die when I started using it again, that's what I get for not spending the money. I bought a new one on line that said it would be here yesterday but still hasn't shown up yet. Sorry Casey I promise I will start it as soon as I get it. see you guys Saturday! Man, I just want to start painting!!!!!
  • did not get exactly as far with this as I would have wished to before I ran out of time.. but here is so far


  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    By accident it seems i made a little Blair Witch design as I erased and redesigned the forehead pattern. Might keep it and make him a Blair Witch Teleostic...
  • Hi All

    its great to see so much cool stuff on here, its inspiration for all

    just like a sweet shop so much to look at and try out.

    Steve C

  • Stan Winston Crew,

    Alex and I had ordered materials for this course via the website a few days before the painting course began (paints, alcohol, a compressor, etc). We expected that they'd arrive by now, but unfortunately, perhaps due to the holiday, they have not. We apologize that our work will be late as a result. We are still very excited to be enrolled in the course and plan to put in triple the amount of effort once our supplies arrive. See you tomorrow morning.

    Ally Boley and Alex Willens
  • Late and rushed with plenty of mistakes....but it didn't crack! It did come out a bit darker than I was hoping though.
  • Johann adam KitinganJohann adam Kitingan Sabah , Borneo ✭✭✭
    cool stuff guys! richard, your demon sharkmans turning out great!
  • Johann adam KitinganJohann adam Kitingan Sabah , Borneo ✭✭✭
    thanks marc and justin! :)
  • Hey Guys,

    With the Holiday week and work combined I only got a little free time to jump into the forum section and take a peek, mostly earlier in the week. 

    I know there are some frustrations with paint mix ratios, spidering, water spraying through etc etc.. as I am reading along.. and I will attack your problems with you head on tomorrow. Don't panic just yet!!!!

    I just want to say I am really happy to see so much great work and a great start on paint jobs taking shape, each and everyone's pieces are coming along already and I have more demonstration for you tomorrow along with direct help and critiques. see you guys in the morning! 

  • Hi Richard

    Wow its coming along really well this going to be a very piece.

    Steve C

  • I Gore has officially entered into muddy mess territory. Happy with the more unified flesh but the back has gone south. The more changes I layer to fix the worse it is getting. His whole color and character has changed. Not sure how much more time I will have this week to paint and am becoming hesitant to move on from this point without some guidance. Tried the dreamweaver thing from class today but can't get a single nice line out my brush at all and white seems completely unmanageable . Need something to make this back pop or to at least work on some level.
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