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In this discussion: Please upload the images (4) of your work by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, July 4th. So Casey has time to look at your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible.

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  • Just wanted to ask what day of the week the video is typically available for review, thanks, believe Wednesday was discussed but just to be sure I'm not missing it
  • I recall,  "Please upload the images (4) of your work by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, July 4th."

  • I had to post early...I'll be away for the holiday week. It's not translucent, and I had a few blow outs with the airbrush. Not sure if I went to far and should wipe everything away and start with a clean slate or is there hope for this one with additional layers.
  • Hey Ronnie,

    This is a good start-don't wash anything away just yet, I can help you get further along with more layers.

  • I will likewise be a bit busy this week, so I've had to stop here and get the photos. I took my inspiration from the more aggressive fish. Do note, however, that the lovely dot in the center of the eye is reflected light and not painted.

    I would still like to come in and add some veining, especially along the neck and near the chin.

  • Hi

    Well he's mine I will try to take some more detailed images but like you guys I am away till Friday morning so I am putting up what I have done to date.


  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Justin, Steve, and Ronnie.... they all look great! 
    Specifically, Justin, your colors are a fantastic choice. I love that swatch of orange. Steve, that first photo with the green tree background.... your piece really looks translucent. That's what I hope to achieve someday. Ronnie, that is one fantastic, imaginative sculpt. really awesome!
  • Thanks Stan

    I should of taken better images just ran out of time today

    I will take some better lite ones



  • Hi All

    adjusted my images they are very close to the actual paint job now.

    So I have taken the originals off here.

    and swapped them for these ones.



  • Thanks Stan..still have a LLOOONNGGG way to go. But its going to be fun.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Hi Steve, these new photos are great. I know you have ways to go but I see what you are doing. The translucent effects are great. BLood vessels are "pushed" below the skin surface. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for this pretty cool alien creature! -stan
  • That is a gruesome little fellow! I like him!
  • Thanks Justin, glad you like him, only my second time using an airbrush so definitely a little heavy handed and muddy, hopefully casey can give me some tips to salvage him, but the more I look at it I think less subtle might suit his diseased gross factor, only got as far as base pattern color and mottling but he is already looking a little busy
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    pretty cool start Marc. Love your sculpt. gruesome. I am sure Casey can help you mottle it down further if that's what you want to tone it down.

  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    A bit frustrated as I try to follow Casey's lead by airbrushing a little Indian yellow/ white mixture to define the borders of my first translucent green patterning. Suffered a few blowouts with the airbrush! Darn. I lose the translucent touch and the white border is really opaque! I plan to do some interplay with tightening the green color patterning but I am tempted. Tempted to go with a paper towel slacked in alcohol or even slight paint thinner to rub off some of my white paint to get some translucency back...
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    It seems its hard for me to have good AB control with the white opaque paints. The green was fine. I think I didn't thin that white enough and my air pressure on my compressor was too low at 12psi. I got a little less blowup frequency with 20 psi but still spit out too much at times with the Badger Krome airbrush...
  • I find that the Krome wants to have a really low PSI when working with thin, translucent paints. That's the one brush I'll put down to 15 PSI when I'm working with it. Of course it's also one of the few brushes that I now keep in a drawer, and not within easy reach.

    I love this bust though - where did you find it?
  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Justin that's a Casey Love bust http://www.caseylovedesigns.com/ResinModelKits.htm
  • Ah, I thought it might be -- but it looks like it's listed as "coming soon."
  • every time I tried to put the veins in it would splatter. I tried 10 times erasing and doing it all over again. Same result.. I even changed airbrushes. I dont know if the paint is too thin down. I didnt want to not summit anything. Here is my peace with no veins. :(
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Justin.... Casey's teleostic bust is available now from him. I bought it from him last October. He has NOT updated his web store for quite some time :-)
  • Johann adam KitinganJohann adam Kitingan Sabah , Borneo ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Today i baked sculpey for the first time and burnt it. So everything was pretty much black from the top down. Its my first time airbrushing too and so it took quite a while to get used to. I couldn't find a double action airbrush around my area so I had to make do with this weird looking brand http://www.proxxon-tools.com/tools/Proxxon-MK-240-MICRO-Compressor-with-Air-Brush.html . 

    The paint job is actually a bit lighter than this.
  • Really like the eyes you designed, have been wanting to incorporate chameleon type eyes on something of my own for a while now, nice
  • This guy is lots of fun - and I also love the chameleon eyes!
  • Hello !
    So i got bit of frustrated about acrylics paints at began i asked for golden at this store, and the nice lady told me the price range( wait for it) starts at 18 dolares to 50 dolares each depend of the color (same size as you use, so i give up to buy those) 
    I bought some brazilian acrylics paints called corfix (  2 dolares each), tryed to used, could not because there is lot of little pieces when add water or alcool 99%(tryed everything), so i decided to return those paints  and got another called Galeria from winsor & newton for 8 dolares each, really great works fine. 
    so withou any more de delay here is my homework.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    My inspiration for Casey's Teleostic bust.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Happy with the back so far...
  • Hi! 
    I done my paint job. In the sculpt I practice all the thecnics that you teach us, (the wasing colour is hard to apreciate). I try to do a translucent skin with veins and you can see in the first picture, for basic colour, and then, create a reptile colour skin with purple. 
    Remember, is my first time painting with airbrush a little sculpt. 
    Thanks!!! I see you all at Saturday.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    I am not too sure about the facial striping. Might erase it later and do a new pattern. Too much like a human painted it on :-(  I might copy Casey's example and draw the red lines going down into it's nostrils.  A little heavy handed with the red mottling in the undertones. Not too sure how to mottle the mouth or even if I should do it at this stage...but I did anyway a bit.  Will tighten up the green patterning on the side of the body with a yellow frontal body color later on.  Probably try some veinwork tomorrow and then wait and see how Casey's lessons tell us how to attack the flesh tones in the front. Fun kit by Casey!  I might do more more red spots in the back...not too sure. I think I kind of did a little bit of everything in the patterning...a bit too much thrown in... not as parallel as that snake book.... went a bit overboard there and had some splattering with the red airbrushing...that's why some of the spots are so big as I had to correct my spider webbing....

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