A costume I started working on...

Hello, My name is Carson, I, an 11 year old learning about creature design and want to create a costume.  The costume is a Dilophosaurus and would like some advice on materials and where to begin.  Look forward to hearing your suggestions.  Thank you, Carson


  • Hi Carson,

    Some easy/safe materials to start out with would be upholstery foam, fabric, and liquid latex.  The foam can be trimmed to shape using scissors, and covered with fabric and liquid latex to form a skin.

    Ted Haines' lesson series on foam fabrication is a great place to start:

  • Chris.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           thank you so much chris!!!!! this is just what I needed! thank you I was inspired by the veliciraptor costume by scotty zod.....what are some of the thing you have made.

  • My pleasure! Happy to answer any questions you may have, and hope to see your costume when it's finished!

    As far as what kinds of things I've made, that's a long list.  I got started making things when I was around your age, and decades later I'm still at it!  At the moment I'm working on an animatronic creature suit, a robot, a custom circuit board design, a software application for video projection, and CNC mill.  But to be honest, the real thing I need to work on right now is cleaning up the mess in my shop.

  • lol! ive worked on a CNC mill before! we are making a toy called the cuberinth its a customizable 3d maze! we have a website called cuberinth.com.....I will post my costume when im finished on the forums! I hope to work at stan Winston studios!

    thank you so much!


  • The cuberinth looks very cool, clever idea!

  • thank you so much chris!

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