Small soldiers gorgonites recreation

I've started huge projects. Recreating the gorgonites from small soldiers. To date I've only completed troglokhan and ocula but I have all the other roughed out and started. I'm currently working on slamfist. For any one interested you can check out my progress over at the RPF forum 


  • Forgot to put the link to my RPF page. I have all my progress from start to where I'm currently at including rough concept sketches, prototype builds and digital art for the boxes and art hope you enjoy my progress :) 
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Very cool work, thanks for sharing it!

  • Thank you, I'm just glad so many people are enjoying this little project, the fine people here at stan Winston schools, Adam rifkin (writer for small soldiers ) , stiles white (production coordinator for small soldiers  ) and the guys over at legacy Fx ( John rosengrant included) are really liking the progress so far. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated :) 
  • I'm trying to add a few more images but I'm having issues :/ 
  • My kids are the reason I've started these projects, might not be able to tell by my oldest sons silly face but they were extremely happy to finally hold these 2 characters :) I've got loads more of progress photos but I guess I'll space them out as I go. 
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Looking great!  Makes me want to watch the movie again, it's been ages.

  • J.r. DejesusJ.r. Dejesus Ohio
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    Thanks so much. I've replayed the bluray at least 10 times since starting this project. A lot of visual dissection of screen shots to make this possible. Not to mention the awesome vault of slamfist creation pics posted on the sws Facebook a while back. I don't suppose you guys will give the same treatment to the other gorgonite and the commandos, it would make for great reference if possible would be even better to receive a file containing all those images a guy could dream  
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  • Wouldn't let me add a comment when I uploaded from my phone but those are a couple of shots of where slamfist currently sits. Don't worry, no gorgonites were harmed :) 
  • Here goes me planning my commandos sculpts, Butch meathook will most likely be first with link static shortly after. I still have to finish archer, insaniac & punch it before I start on these guys but I like to plan ahead :) 
  •  Slamfists head mold captures a small amount of bubbles but that's easily fixed :) 
  • Some updates on slamfist 
  • Thomas van der VeerThomas van der Veer Gelderland - Nijmegen ✭✭✭
    Looks great! welldone!
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