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  • Thank you Sue!! It was great to see everyone's process!!! I've learnt so much.
  • Mike... I had a question. You mentioned before hitting the edges with Pros-Aide to reduce the shine of the Baldies... Do you mean after the application? Going over the edges with pros-aide would just make the edges sticky wouldn't it? I didn't get much shine of the edges. But those I did, I just powdered with an anti-shine powder which worked well. I love peoples tips, and if there is a longer lasting anti-shine method, I'd like to know it. :smiley:
  • Hi Rosanna - yes, after the appliance is put down and the baldiez is blended to the skin, I have seen in a few other videos (Joel Harlow's out of makeup on here and Neill's 3D conforming mold DVD) instruct having a layer of pros-aide on the edges to both protect the edges from coming up and take some of the shine off the cap plastic. After the pros-aide dries clear, hit it with powder to remove the tack before applying color. 

    I don't know if it makes a significant difference, but I found that just the Kryolan perfect matte still didn't knock back the shine completely under the eye when I applied it, so I am going to play around with the pros-aide/powder next time. What is great is that the molds are done and it doesn't take long (or much material) to make a new prosthetic and play around to see what the best combination is, as long as my model is willing!
  • Wonderful Mike! Thank you for the tip!!! I'll play around with that technique too!!! Always learning something new. Love it!
  • Freddy StynenFreddy Stynen Antwerp - Puurs ✭✭
    wow nice job, he really looks older :D
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