Rosanna's Homework Process Pics

I thought Sue was onto a good thing by submitting hers separately. So I decided to as well.


  • First thing... Make the stencil.

  • Flesh out the forms...

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    Add the detail... I've never sculpted skin before. To this was interesting. I loved it. But I'm unsure if I added enough detail, as in if I needed to make more texture because some detail gets lost in the process... or if I needed to apply the WYSIWYG principle.  But hey, I'll see how we go.
    I also used Shellite (lighter fluid) to blend some of the "scratchy" lines, and blend my edges more, after I took these pictures were taken.
  • Molding!!! I love making molds!

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     This is my silicone and release agent. I've never used Dragon Skin FX-Pro before. Loved it! Feels really squishy and flesh-like. Really sticky though until powdered.  I was also quite impressed with the Mann 200 release. Really fine Vaseline like finish.

  • But alas, I couldn't find the Platsil 25, only the Platsil 10. So I looked for others that had a shore A hardness of 25. I could only find 20. So I bought that in a clear silicone. Unfortunately I made a rooky mistake and bought a silicone that would take 24 hours to cure. I didn't have that time. So I used the silicone I bought for the appliances (Dragon Skin Pro by Smooth On), and Plaster for my mother mold.
  • My glorious molds!!!

  • Super Baldies time!!!!
    Unfortunately the first time I did this, my pieces came out terrible. The Baldies solution was to thick and bubbled at room temperature. Also didn't cure around the edges of my molds. So the second time came out better:

  • Also, as I did this once before and the baldies were all textured and bubbled, my first go of making the silicone was a fantastic colour. So at least I had a bit of practice getting my colours right. Although in retrospect, I still think that I made the appliances to translucent, as I lost most of my detail in my secondary pieces. I'll get better at it!
    You can see my little reference colour square. 

    Also, I have to say, Neil's way of colouring helped me imensely. I've tried colouring silicone before and it has always seemed a "fingers crossed" kind of thing. This way, with the squiggles on the wood, just made my day. THANKS NEILL!!!

  • Powdered piece.

    Now to remove the edges and prep the appliance for application:

  • My wonderful Husband. Who shaved his beard off for this. A 31 year old who looks 22... I'll do my best to age him.


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    I used Green Marble Concentrate to do old age stipple. I don't have much to work with here but I wasn't really happy with the Green Marble. I have used Old Age Stipple (latex) before but was curious. So I used it... but it went white and flaky. Maybe it was my application. Not sure.

    Either way, Blake had a reaction to it.

    He mentioned it was tingly when it went on, but when it got itchy and red... I knew it had to come off. Blake seen below after removal of Green Marble, with the forehead appliance already applied.

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  • After it was removed. I applied some hemorrhoid cream (tip from a draq queen friend of mine, and has saved my arse countless times with skin complaints with brides. I just don't tell them it's hemorrhoid cream of course). The redness went away within 10 mins.

    Whilst doing this, do I realise that I made my transfer mold too thick.  I put an extra layer of the silicone OVER the keys. I didn't need to do this. In retrospect, you live you learn. Now I know that silicone sticks silicone together... Next time will be easier. I fount this really hard to position, coz I couldn't see through. Neill, I know you mentioned that clear silicone would be preferred, and you did explain why... I just underestimated how opaque the silicone would get upon curing.

  • I have to say, Neill, you are a genius. If my silicone was more translucent, I could have seen exactly how I was applying my piece. No seams rolling in on itself. Edges just vanished with the IPA... I can't even express how amazing I found this. My let down was my silicone being so opaque. I couldn't clearly see how it was going on the skin, so as a result, all my appliances seemed to be slightly askew. But I see so much promise in this technique!!
  • Now for the colouring. Once I finished the application, my husband tells me he has a meeting, which he will wear the make up, but I won't be able to apply colour till 3 hours after application. I can't wait to see how it wears. I'll post my finished pics soon!!!
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    Not too bad. I'm pretty proud. You can see a slight crinkle on the nose where I missed the placement of the nose section.
  • Blake in character.

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  • Looks great, Rosanna! It is so rewarding to see it come out of the mold so perfectly, isn't it? Did you hit the edges with pros-aide? It will help knock back the shine of the baldiez. Great tip with the hemorrhoid cream! I can imagine the stress when a bride has a reaction to makeup on her wedding day. 
  • This process was incredibly rewarding. I had so much fun doing this too.

    I was delighted at how easy this process was during the application process... it stayed on SO WELL!!! The edges didn't even lift after 3 hours of Blake wearing the pieces and talking in them etc. I had a ball painting the pieces too.  I used Blake's dad as reference and I love how it actually looks like him.

    The process was really simple but challenging for someone like me who isn't greatly experienced. I have made many a mold in my time, but never like this and usually the molds I make are for Bronze Casting or a Silicone Sculpture.  Never on someone.  The closest I have come to applying appliances on someone was at Make Up college, 10 years ago. I have applied a couple of pre-made wounds before, but my edges hae always been horrible.

    The thing I loved the most about this transfer technique was the Super Baldies! It blew my mind!!! So simple. So easy. So effective. And it stuck so well!!! Even in removal!!! Once the Baldies came off, and the silicone was still underneath, I still had trouble finding the edges!!! Amazing.


    You man, are a genius!

    I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with this school. Stan Winston is the reason I studied Make Up. I want to thank you for keeping his passion alive and for encouraging people like myself to get inspired.

    Neill, I want to than you too. Thank you so much for sharing your hard earned knowledge with us.  I for one, will never forget this experience. I know I will be exploring this technique for many years to come.
  • It looks amazing Rosanna!
  • Thank you Kaoime and Mike! I had a ball doing this!
  • I'm really impressed Rosanna, great work!

  • Thank you Chris! :)
  • Rosanna, beautiful makeup!  Paint job is great and makeup is totally credible!

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