Here are monsters done exclusive on zbrush and Photoshop.



  • Best of luck for me and everyone on the compition.
    Lee Pearson.
  • these are my final designs for comp, as for me I,LL be back doing indie video games.
  • Star trek horror, I did this star trek monster for an laugh.
  • My dad told me to be the best way back in 1994, age 17 years old.
    Lee Pearson.
    Best of luck for everyone.
  • My the force be with us all...
  • These are my last entries of predators, done on zbrush and Photoshop , good luck lee
  • Mary MockMary Mock
    edited February 2019
    Oh my God, they are so good!! All the best to you. It looks like you are extremely talented. I love to play video games and have you ever made any game? I love Super Mario, Contra, Red dead redemption II. 
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  • Hi Mary, I have been working on some new predator designs, for Arron sims creative an digital hopefully for ADi , I am glad you like my works, I always do my works now on zbrush and Photoshop, my pride and joy.
    ever scince I watched “THE THING” I always wanted to be an  monster maker. for the film industry.
    please do keep your eyes peeled for new stuff.
     I have been working on horror video games from 2013-2018, yes I have played horror games, I, like the suffering, all the monsters were created by Stan Winston, on PlayStation 2. Stan Winston was the best.
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