Jurassic Park 1 Velociraptor Suit Spiral Neck Mechanism

Over the Past month I have been working like crazy on building a velociraptor suit and have recently been drawing inspiration from the bts of Jurassic Park. I had read that they used a spiral to create a hollow form for the neck but I'm running into some issues with the area that connects to the head. I haven't seen very many people talk about this but it seemed really innovative to me so I would be curious if anyone had insight on this topic.


  • Hi Neev,

    If you want temporary connections (which are always best so you can easily replace or maintain things) you could glue fabric tabs along the rim of the neck and then use a temporary connection like velcro, snaps, etc. to attach the tabs to the skull.

  • Thanks for the tip! funny enough I made the decision last night to use velcro tabs and it's going well, I'll probably post my progress tonight.
  • Awesome, glad it's working.  Would love to see your progress!

  • Very cool indeed. I love the size and yet still getting good motion and balance. 
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