Locust Cosplay gears of wars

Hi, my name is Loic, I'm French (so sorry for the translation errors). I am currently in the process of making a gears of war locust. So here are the first pieces already made as well as some steps in the manufacture of the moulds. And here is a little test video just out of the mold.

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  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Wow, beautiful work!  The boot sculpture is great, and I love all the details!   The body suit is off to an amazing start as well!  Can't wait to see how this character turns out!

  • thank you :)
  • This is looking good! The Steve Wang airbrushing tutorial has a lot of good tips on making the skin look real. You could check that out? It helped me a lot.
  • It's funny that you tell me that because I was just starting the video

  • steve wang's work is amazing!
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