Kid Rock impersonation cosplay costume

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Earlier in the year I put together this Kid Rock impersonation cosplay. I purchased a Stetson hat and then dug through my mom's incredible pile of craft feathers and furs. The hat work was extremely intense and much of it was new to me. Cloth beading/roping was glued on the edge of my laser prints (laminated) of rattle snake skins. I did not want to damage the hat so there is some intricate straps and magnets involved. The center piece medallion was cut from a soda can and embossed with a steel round tip stylus then painted with a custom mix of black and clear nail polish.

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  • Because he wears different hats and different glasses, I chose from multiple public photos and chose what I could match of all of them.

    I grew the facial hair but had to lay in portions to connect the mustache to goatee. 

    The necklace was also new to me and I hand cut brass plate to match his custom eagle necklace. Then glued in micro gems and painted in the shadows. I customized the costume gold chain to match his custom figure 8 chain. 

  • The hair extensions in blonde were pulled from costume wigs and attached to small hair clips with cloth backing, custom made. The fur was borrowed. Only the gq background was taken from the original photo but in this instance I did match the lighting in my photos and did not need to modify filters after pasting me over where Kid Rock was.

  • After showing a friend, he said "Now you have the hat, go ahead and do Richard Petty next. Petty is now my current project.
  • The wig hair started out as highly curled brown ombre with silver blonde. I bleached the piece with baking soda overnight and then dipped it in boiling water and hung it to straighten.
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    I was very happy with how close I got with the hat work and the necklace as any difference from Kid Rock's own would require zooming in on the items. If you zoom in on the glasses you will see my very patient wife, taking the photos.
  • This last shot was just me messing around with effects in my camera program but it turned out like a poster so I really liked it.

  • These were my max facial likeness percentages from my likeness app:

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