20,000+ people will see your work

Hi everyone

Firstly let me start off by saying that all of you on here are extremely talented and gifted in what you do. I could never do what you do, in fact I'm still drawing stickmen in my thirties. 

Secondly, we have an event every year called At The Movies. Each year we pick a different theme for families to come and take pictures with life like movie sets and characters. This event is 4 weekend's long and we always see upwards of 20,000 people. Last year we did Star Wars, the year before was Marvel, the year before that was Jurassic Park. 

This year we are doing Pirates of the Caribbean. We will be building the Flying Dutchman, The Black Pearl, Tortuga, Isla de Muerta cave of Gold and other aspects of the movie franchise. We are looking for authentic cosplay costumes for the following characters; 

Davy Jones
Captain Barbosa
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swan
Commodore James Norrington 

If you have, or could make one of these costumes, please let me know. 

Also even if its not costumes you make, but you could make authentic treasure chests, coins, or anything in general to do with Pirates of the Caribbean, please reach out to me.

Thank you



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    Hi Marcus, could you load some previous event photos? @MarcusB
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    This was Star Wars last year. I can post pictures of Jurassic Park and Marvel as well if you would like? 
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    I can also post pictures of all the cosplay costume people had on if needed?
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