What's On Your Workbench? (Spring 2022)

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What's On Your Workbench?


  • After finishing my Hugh Glass outfit, I am ready for some reuse and modify on my existing costume collection to create a Richard Petty impersonation cosplay. So far I have the hat I am borrowing from my stored Kid Rock build and some passable glasses. I intend to custom make the mustache and short side burns from lace beard leftovers from Hugh Glass. But I have not yet decided on frontal or side pose as frontal will require a cleft chin prosthetic. To be decided when the costume parts are complete. I borrowed a race suit today from Cox Racing here in Douglas County Oregon to make my STP race suit upper. All topped with a leather jacket, also already in my stash. I am hoping to produce this in about a tenth the time of The Revenant. Below is my test picture with the existing hat and glasses. Please excuse the golden lighting.

    and the following two pics are my Richard Petty inspiration shots of the world famous driver.

  • A 1/6 scale stop motion armature for a short film.  Ball and socket is definitely overkill,  but I wanted something to last long enough to make it to my props shelf!
  • Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
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    I have finished the Richard Petty impersonation cosplay. I mixed several of his 35 years of race suits. I will post the full build process in the Cosplay thread in the forums but will post one or two of the finished shots here. Now my workbench is clear and I will be creating an impersonation cosplay costume of Will Turner/Orlando Bloom. On this build I maxxed out at 84% facial similarity.

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  • Jared LeeJared Lee ✭✭✭
    Darrell Green is like a secret agent. These are more like disguises than costumes. This is some Mission Impossible level cosplay.
    I hope to make a TMNT Leatherhead costume inspired by FuRay Planet Wilderness Hunter Crocker action figure. I've got to design how it will fit, and articulate first.

  • Progress!
  • After I signed on stan winston school I tryed to sculp different things from orc mask to high relief and figurtive art. Often I feel me without any talent in sculpting and  i have a lot to learn. But Im happy there are so many teachers to catch and learn. Thx for that.
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