Which resin should I use ?

Hello everyone ! 

I have some sculpture that I would like to mold, but i don't know what resin to use.

The mold is made out of silicone, and I would like a result like collectibles statues.
 I have put some picture of Disney showcase collection for the exemple
On the Enesco website, it says that they are made out of stone Powder, and sometines it says that they are mde out of resin.

But do you think I can have the same rendered, or do I have to mix stone power with polyurethane resin ?

Or is there any other resin that I can use to have the same result ? I'm not sure that only 
polyurethane resin make it good enough for that kind of result

I hope this is clear 

Thank you guys for you help !  :)



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    Collectables like these usually have stone added for extra strength and weight.  It also reduces the volume of resin used.

    I've never had the chance to do this on a project, but I know the result of adding the stone really is worth it.

    You may be able to reach out to Smooth-On or Silpak and see if they can recommend a resin/filler combo.

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    Hi Chris 
    Thank you for your answer, I will make some test to see what percentage of stone to add in resin 🙂

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    I would be interested in hearing your results and the recipes when you are happy with the results. @Erika Vigneron
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    Hello Darell !
    I will post some result soon, I'll make few test.

    I will maybe change my mind, I probably will use plaster. But if I stay on the mix of resin and Urefil, I'll show you the result :) 

    I will make another post to see what kind of plaster is the best, but I will let you know ! 
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    Before doing ANYTHING..be sure these are not copyrighted or claimed by another for production...lawsuits are a terrible thing to be involved in ( NOT speaking from personal experience)
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    Hello James thank you for your answer, of course I do not plan to make anything copyrighted, I used theses pictures only to show the king of result I would like to have :) 
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