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I get a warning that says attachments aren't allowed in Cosplay convo but most everyong has attachments instead of links. Am I missing something? @Chris Ellerby
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    Hi Darrell,

    It looks like the bug you found on the Costumes & Cosplay category has been fixed by the forum developers.   Thanks for reporting that!  Please let me know if you run into any other issues, and thanks again for helping make our community better!



  • I hit the same issue in Props but am able to place pictures here (above) successfully.
  • file attachments are not ideal for contests since they have to be downloaded to be seen. 

    Please include images directly in the body of the post by using the "attach image" button, which is to the left of attach file.  Then choose a file from your device to upload. 

    Attach image should not have any issues in the contest category, if you had an issue I would suggest trying again to confirm.  I know it's a pain with those two buttons being right next to each other, and sadly we can't disable the attach file button.


  • I tested this after your response and can see that if I had used the attachments it would show a link but it did not. In each case the only thing added is an inline picture as shown in the example above. No attachments were in these uploads.
  • This image is me opening a new costume and cosplay entry, it also shows the screenshot of my use of only one tool, insert image, which when attempted to save draft ( nothing else has been added) it fails on attachments of which there are none. Just this one inline screenshot. Not even any text.
  • Odd, the Costumes & Cosplay category does not have any restrictions preventing any kind of embedding.  I'll have to reach out to the company that makes our forum software to see if they can figure out what's going on.

  • Thank you @Chris Ellerby it is working.
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