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I placed many of my cosplay builds in what I thought was my profile. I noticed today that it is no longer showing and realized the Activity section of my profile is on a limited recent activity time limit. First, I would suggest placing a notice there that warns that it will only be displayed for a short time and to instead add the content to the appropriate convo category. Second, can anyone save me and redisplay my builds so I can copy out the text and photos to the cosplay convo?

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    Hi Darrell,

    I too was unaware that activity posts on profile pages could expire.  It's not a feature that is widely used, so this is the first I've learned about that.   Seems odd that it would remove older activity posts.

    I checked our admin interface and do not see any type of activity history log for individual accounts, so it would appear those posts only live on the individual profile page until they are cleared, and I don't see any options to configure when/if they are removed.

    I'll have to reach out to the developers of our forum framework to see if there is anything we can do about that.

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