Can adhesive or clear paint create the skin void puckering from mild frostbite and ruptured blisters

I am wondering if any known paint on substances will shrink while drying to create the "one skin layer missing" look of mild frostbite, lost blister coverage and friction burns. Ihave it in my head that this shrinkage and the glossy surface should create a depression that can then be outlined and shaded, creating an instant prosthetic look for these skin conditions. Does this exist?

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    There is a product called "rigid collodion" that when applied to the skin will shrink and create a recessed effect.  It is widely used for scar effects.   That may do what you are after.



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    Thank you Chris. You save me so much time and searching and I don't have to second guess my research or the claims of the over blown advert promises. I have a Mehron bottle ordered. for this cosplay: 
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