My Version of Mason Verger

Half face silicone prosthetic, sculpted, moulded and applied by me!

Inspired by Mason Verger and the joker!


  • Seriously impressed. Totally left me looking for edges that I didn't find. The coloration is ultra realistic. Having a long history in machining and wood work, I know what flesh looks like when it is healing and you completely captured the yellow tint of wound edges where all layers of skin have been compromised but are now healing. I am curious how you got the nostril to show internal damage. I didn't think the nose could form so freely to a prosthetic at the nostril openings. @GoreFreakFX
  • WOW...really good job..i actually thought i was looking at a shot from the TV series Hannibal...well done!
  • Thank you so much guys ! 

    Darell Green, I sculpted the piece on my actors face so the nostrils fitted perfectly. The pieces was deadend at 120% so it was nice and soft aswell.
  • Here's a little screen test featuring the makeup aswell!
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