Dwarf Warrior 'Tawhl' - Fantasy character

Over the last 10 months, I have learnt the ropes of prosthetic making. From character design, sculpting, casting, drafting, running to organising a photoshoot to show off my work. I learnt how to postiche a beard, style a wig and sew a pleat skirt (aka kilt). It also was my first time working with foam to create the hammer prop and the armour for my character. It has been an amazing journey, with lot's of laughter, tears and hang wringing and I am very proud of the end result. 
Both face and ear prosthetics are run in gelatin and pre painted and hair punched. 
Prosthetics, character design and makeup @odermattcreations
Model and maker of fur throw @chiniquevalerie_fx
Photos @wolfcult


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