melting gelatin edges

I have had ongoing trouble with melting gelatin edges while applying prosthetics. Can someone capture the basic thinners, tools and hand motions in a short text version, please. I thought I was following the directions but am possibly not patient or am not applying the correct brushing technique. I have extremely thin edging but while attempting to blend it down I just get chunks removed instead of a melting action. @Chris Ellerby
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  • What are you using to melt your edges?  There are more gentile blenders like witch hazel or harsher blenders like isopropyl alcohol or acetone.  You can also heat up witch hazel to make it more aggressive if needed, but I've never had to.

    I find it is best to use very little solvent on the brush and very lightly blend outward into the skin.  It can be a slow process, but slow means more control and can help prevent taking too much away, as you can't easily add material back.

    I usually use a soft round brush for this, since it's nice and gentle and has a surface area I can control well.


  • I had only tried witch hazel but I will try more strokes and less pressure as I was getting chunks. I think I was tearing rather than dissolving. I will also try the other solvents. Thank you.
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