Anybody here have experience with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts?

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Title pretty much explains it. They have a few courses that I'm interested in and wondering if anybody has any feedback regarding the quality of the courses. Would also be interested in any other recommendations for online instruction in clay sculpture (specifically Chavant or Super Sculpey, but anything would help).

I've already watched and learned from Sculpture Geek's Creating a Stylized Character. Loved it!


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    I spent a ton of time watching youtube/instructables/skillshare and then did the 7 day trial for Stan Winston. There is no comparison, Stan Winston is perfect processes by life long professionals in the industry. Sculpture is covered seven ways to Sunday in all clay types. The list of skills covered, in depth, is endless. I am nearly at the end of a one year subscription. I always find what I want and come back for more. Questions are answered by the same pros. At the very least, try the 7 day trial to find what you want for proof of quality and content. I am a twenty year veteran in Photoshop and still learned twice as much here on Stan Winston.
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    Hands Down Fully Recommend. All of the courses are in-depth and fantastic. Not to mention that Matt and Chris are fantastic about answering any and all questions you may have. I don't know of any other place where regular people like us can get help from the best in the industry at the click of a few buttons. This place is a treasure trove!!
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