Grizzly needed

I cannot find a passable Grizzly or brown bear hide or faux hide for my Dicaprio/Revenant cosplay build. I live in Oregon and state laws make getting natural hides nearly impossible and I cannot find a source of faux similar to actual screen match Grizzly. Any pointers or favorite suppliers?


  • This is the piece to match:
  • I would be happy with enough to just cover the shoulders. This is the last remaining step to finish my current build.
  • There are a number of sellers on Etsy that appear to have some ok quality faux fur with a bit of good length to it.  Getting a large enough piece may be a challenge, but a few did list it by the yard when I did a search.

    If you have the budget, you could reach out to National Fiber Technology (NFT) and see what they have in stock. has overrun NFT fur.  Basically what is left over when other customers order large batches, test runs, etc.

    You'll likely want to do some work to any fur you find in order to best match your reference.  Things like styling, matting, airbrushing, highlighting, etc.

    Hope that helps!

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