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I recently completed a cosplay for Revenant and did injury makeup for the first time using my new techniques learned here. I was super happy with my replication of several of the facial injuries used on Dicaprio, all makeup, no prosthetics. However, my primer and sealer did nothing noticable to protect it. I wiped it off with a cloth as though it was totally fresh. I am using junk makeup from my wifes hand me downs but I expected it to be difficult to remove. Any brand suggestions on makeup, primer and setter/sealants, please? Also, any tips on hiding the silk edge on my beard attachment, it started pulling on my skin and creasing this crazy straight line.


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    Nice work on the makeup!

    A sealing spray like Final Seal from Ben Nye would help here.  You can also try alcohol-activated makeups, like Skin Illustrator, which are very durable.

    I'm not sure what could be done to hide the lace edge on the beard aside from carefully trimming the edge down.

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    Thank you, I will be ordering both.
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