Hand sanitizer as a spirit gum release

I may have missed this if it is in any of the lessons but I found that gel hand sanitizer is 100 percent efficient as a spirit gum release and hairpiece cleaner. I might be missing something critically important here but I tried it because my other release chemicals were ho hum pathetic and made my skin irritated. I had no such luck with labeled spirit gum remover nor with alcohol. I tried the gel as it keeps it in one place and will not pour down my neck when releasing a beard. I was being exceptionally lazy and glued my beard to my own facial hair because I am growing my own beard for a different cosplay. The alcohol gel hand sanitizer released my beard and removed ALL.... yes, ALL of the spirit gum on my face in a single pass, wiping with a paper towel. During application, I massaged the gel into the areas I knew to have gum. There was no evidence of residue on my skin or in my beard. Please let me know if there is a health hazard or otherwise that I am missing. Did I mention that it is cheap?


  • Hi Darrell,

    That should work just fine.  Hand sanitizer is basically just alcohol with a thickener and sometimes additives like aloe.  The thickener can leave a residue, but that rinses off with water.  The alcohol can dry out or irritate your skin, but moisturizing can help with that.   It's also worth noting that not all hand sanitizers are the same, so look into their ingredients to get a good understanding of what's involved.

  • Thank you Chris. I will check my ingredients to make sure there is nothing extra and unexpected.
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