PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man - 2099 White Suit

  • Vytaflex Urethane Rubber
  • 3D Printed PETG Master molds
  • 4 way stretch pleather
  • EVA foam
  • Upholstery foam
  • Helmet is 3D printed PETG  
  • The body is hand sewn and patterned using a mannequin
  • Lights and housings where made using LED modules and EVA foam. Soldered in parallel
  • Certain muscles are created using upholstery foam glued and sewn in place
  • All the armor was molded using 3D printed masters. All one part brush on silicone molds using products from Brick In The Yard supply
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    Super impressed with the build but as a process nerd, I am silenced by your level of documentation. 
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    Thank you! This was my first time trying documentation so I hope to get better
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    I hope to get to this level of quality on my documentation but I often forget to take process pics as stages progress. It is highly appreciated though and I would encourage you to share on sites such as therpf.com and similar. You would be greatly welcomed. @dontaiz93@gmail.com
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    This is wild! I like how you approached this costume.
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