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Does anyone know any free Android apps for measuring objects without touching them? Or can trigonometry be used in it's place? Most apps I've found that can measure length, width, and height require some sort of payment or does a trial. I'm measuring the dimensions of garments that are being displayed behind glass and are elevated on a stand.


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    Total tangent, sorry, but I usually have someone stand next to it holding an object of known size and then I open the pic in photoshop and set the rulers using that object as the base.
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    I've not used any apps for this either.  I usually place a ruler near the object and go off that.  Objects behind glass are more difficult though. 

    Since glass makes photogrammetry, difficult (taking hundreds of photos and using them to generate a 3D model) one thing that may work is to use AI and generate a NeRF (Neural Radiance Field) of the object, similar to how you would take hundreds of photos for photogrammetry.   NeRFs work better with reflective surfaces. 

    From there you could build a 3D model of the object that includes the case.  Then you could measure the dimensions of the display case in person, and use that to determine your geometric dimensions.  Luma Labs has a NeRF generation app.  https://lumalabs.ai/

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    I personally use an app called "image meter" for this as it has been both accurate and extremely helpful. The catch is you must know at least one items correct dimensions for it to work. And I'll admit the interface isn't *super* Intuitive but if you play with it for a little bit and get the hang of it, it's an invaluable tool to have. And it's free! 
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