"Scanner Cop" & "Scanner Cop 2" special effects

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These special makeup effects are amazingly amazing!!!! I love these both of those "Scanner Cop" movies 1 & 2! They've use bunch and bunch and bunch of many air bladders FX on each Scanner Cop films. I highly want to challenge in fact I highly request and suggest every Stan Winston School Of Character Art students to make their own special make-up effects from both horror/sci-fi movies "SCANNER COP" & "SCANNER COP 2" and I also really want to request every students right now to start making their own "Scanners" movies & make their own "Scanner Cop" movies right away. Share them to every social media practical FX movie makers now. Request half of dozen other filmmakers to make their "Scanners" movies, maybe possibly seventeen NEW "Scanners" films and thirty-seven NEW "Scanner Cop" films if they want.

Image 4 -  Vinegar Syndrome Scanner Cop 1 amp 2 Blu Ray-Ltd Ed w slipcover amp box-bonus adds








Scanner Cop 1 amp 2  Vinegar Syndrome
Scanner Cop II

Any filmmakers, student filmmakers, indie horror filmmakers who are willing to make new "SCANNERS" movies and make new "SCANNER COP" movies?

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