Hello! Here’s some masks we’ve made!

Hello! Figured this is a good category to share what I and my boyfriend do for a living, make beast masks!!!  Here is our website https://crystumes.weebly.com/

 I sculpt the faces, and jaw sets, cast in silicone and plaster gauze mother mold and cast and hinge so the mouths move! We use specialty resin polyurethane resins, smooth on and caulking silicone silicone for molds and tongues, we use two part air drying apoxie sculpt to sculpt lips and eyelids and other form details after the fact. And acrylic half round domes from delves plastics with digitally designed, printed and glued eye designs! We use lots of faux furs from different sources but one of my favorite items to work with is NFT fiber! Ordered from the amazing hairymannscloset . Below are just some of the ones we have finished. Hope you enjoy! I really want to get into more latex work in the future! 

PS a lot of our videos from YouTube were nabbed by some foreign scam companies to sell their faux rip off masks so you may have seen this werewolf online already! Haha… ha…


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