How to run silicone prosthetic appliances


What a great tutorial! I feel like I am ready to try for myself ;). One last question, in the part just before running the appliances, the host says that he sprays a layer of 'glue' on the vinyl/cap plastic to prevent delamination. He does show this but I don't seem to find/hear what he means with 'glue'. Could you clarify which material is being used for this step?

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    Matt WinstonMatt Winston Admin
    edited June 2021
    Hi @Lennert Vieberink, Very happy to hear that you got so much out of Cory Czekaj's course on running silicone appliances. To create an extra adhesion layer between the Baldiez and the silicone, Cory uses a glue called "Orchid" sold by Imperial Surface - http://imperialsurfaceshop.com/special-effects/silicone-adhesive. It will need to be sprayed on with a detail gun or airbrush. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you so much for the reply! Until now my silicone with deadener seems to bond just fine but I'll keep this in mind if I have delamination struggles in the future ;)
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