Week Three Homework Gallery and Class Recordings



  • ...and then the company said, "can you make him an elephant instead?" And I said:
  • I like the shorter fingers, Tom. My 2 cents.
  • Cool. I haven't put the wire in them yet so if I decide to shorten them I can. Thanks for the feedback.
  • To everyone trying to meet the deadline...Just give'r! You can do it!

    I'm still on the head of the Rhino.
  • What do you think? I made a lot more wrinkles and creases as most of them will go away when I apply latex.
  • He looks fantastic!!!!
  • Absolutely fantastic! Really an incredible job, man.
  • Thanks Justin. How is yours going? I was burning into the Rhino head and doing head nods so I decided to go to bed- good thing because (looking at this) I noticed that his front lip area was beginning to look like cubed cheese lol have to fix that and hopefully be done the head tonight. Here's a close up of the horn which I decided to re carved out of a single block of foam,
  • only YOU or TED would think that looked like cubed cheese...
    BTW, I'm on the hang.
  • I'll be on the "Hang" tonight for sure- and my mom will be there too LOL she is sewing all the elastics and webbing. Hope to be done all the texturing tonight! Yaaay!
    Hope everyone is doing well. It has been quiet on here recently- I get the creative process and how some people wanting no distractions while they work.  I hope to see everyone on Saturday as I miss you all dearly.

  • I had such a mental week last week, I couldn't stop for anything. My mam reached new levels of sainthood, staying up late with me on the sewing and hair work. 
    I didn't get the full body finished, but I'm happy with what I got done and I learned everything I wanted to (and more). I decided to concentrate on the head and torso, so they're fully finished and I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out.
    I'll definitely finish the rest when I'm home for Christmas. 
    I kept working on it up til an hour before I left for the airport on saturday morning, took some quick snaps, then had to pack really quick!! I dunno whether to wait til the final deadline, or just post the pics now. What do yous think?

  • And by the way- amazing stuff guys, can't wait to see it all finished. 
  • Hey Ciara,
    I am super excited to see everyone's work, but also looking forward to checking the forum Saturday (it'll be like Christmas morning) and seeing those magnificent creatures/monsters. So basically I am good with whatever you decide in regards to posting your pictures.

    Good to hear you used your family members to help you. At first I was set on not letting anyone help me, but as that deadline creeps closer and closer I've had to get the odd helper from time to time. My wife is sewing in all the muscles I made at the back of the Rhino and I presently have had my mom hand sewing all the webbing and elastics for the Rhino suit. Mom's are great cheap labor and it is good to hear everyone here is exploiting them...ahem...I mean getting them to help us out.  LOL

    Please stay in touch in this forum and/or jump on Google Hangout or join our Facebook group as we would love to see your finished character at Christmas. I hope we all stay in touch as I found the relationships I made during this whole experience are just as important as the information I gathered. It would be interesting to see people on Hangout 2 weeks from now working on new puppets, Cosplay costumes, fursuits or the next corporate or independent film character. I was also thinking of joining the next Ted Webinar if anyone else is game- although I hope it is at least a couple of months or until next year away. I need time to recover from this Webinar  LOL 

  • Right on Tom. I want to do the armor class for sure. I was thinking we should take turns on saturday to show off eachothers costumes so we can really soak in the adoration :) Otherwise we may not be able to actually "see" too well.
  • Awesome work man! I can't wait to see the mechs at work. I should be ready to paint soon. I have to go over the head in some areas with latex and then start the super 74 spray fest and then latex mania! I added a huge claw like mark under his left eye. I am going to start costuming tonight too, I have my crew of seamstresses (wife and mom) coming in to sew the costume- I won't let the cat out of the bag as to what he will be wearing. ;) I'll post more photos later tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.
  • I think I will wait til Saturday and join in with you guys, it'll be fun to do a big reveal all together.
    I kept thinking of going into the hangout, but I didn't wanna stop even for a minute- even when I was freezing or needed to pee! 
    Post the link of the facebook group and I'll join- I have a facebook account I never use, maybe this'll gimme something to go on it for. I'm starting my first final year project, it's some models for a computer game. After xmas I'll be starting a monster suit with 2 others in my course, I can't wait. I'd love to do another of these courses, but we're not allowed to mix projects from other courses, so I'd have to make 2 monster suits, lol. 
    Peter, that looks great! 
  • You have to be a friend of Peter, James, Justin or myself and then we can invite- it is a private group and won't let you invite people you aren't a friend with someone in the group.
  • Here's a prop for my character- he's going to be a butcher lol I made this cleaver out of L200 and pink polystyrene. Turned out great (I think) and even thanked Ted on the Handle LOL looks funky lol
  • Sweet job, Tom!

    Here is the pattern for my guy's shirt. The back didn't fit in the foto.
  • Nice! I'm going to be on Hangout- airbrushing everything.
  • I'm on the hang, BTW.

    Here are some shots of the rhino. Still painting the hands today and finishing the shirt tonight.
  • You should have grabbed one of those umbrellas behind you and show us a little dry step. Lol I was on Hang until 12 then I left as no one was on. I basically finished everything except painting - I have my sister coming over tomorrow to watch my son while I airbrush everything. Time for bed now.
  • I'm on now if you're around.
  • Finished the shirt save for the buttons. (No spandex undershirt on in this shot though)
  • You could have at least put paints on when posing for that pic!
  • Forget the paints- how about pants? ;-)
  • Lol!!
  • Quick vid. Painting the last hand now. Putting buttons on after that.
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