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what other Epoxical can I use, instead of the 2 part 415 epoxical that Bruce Spaulding uses 
CHARACTER MAKEUP - SCULPTURE BREAKDOWN & MOLD MAKING - PART TWO. I don’t seem to find the brad he uses any where. Any brand that would work the same? That would stick with ultracal for slick silicone prosthetic molds. Thanks you 
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  • I'm having the same issue, were you able to find an alternative that worked?
  • I'll pass this question along to the team to see if we can find an alternative material for you.

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    Hey @""Reyner Garza" and @Kren - Since Epoxical 415 is no longer available, Bruce likes to use BJB Enterprises' TC-1630 Ultracast for the same purpose. He says "It's a little different to work with as it is runny - but you can paint on layers - then do the same as with the other stuff." Link: https://bjbenterprises.com/index.php/tc-1630-a-b/ Hope that helps!
  • Thanks!
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    I was just about to try this with the TC-1630.

    Like the Epoxical 415 is it recommended to do one coat, let it dry, then do another coat followed by ultracal in quick succession?

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