The Joker (original design)

Hello again! 

For over 10 years I have been portraying different versions of the Joker. Both in makeup and wardrobe. In this case I wanted to make a very theatrical, broadway style look for the iconic villain. And it was not an easy task. It was a big challenge from the vest fabric (which I had to dye into a stronger orange tone) to the poker printed shirt (I designed the pattern first and then dye-sub printing the fabric). The tailcoat and pants were made from a special purple tapestry fabric, heavy weight and textured. Its fully colored stripes make it hypnotic to look at.

Now the makeup was the toughest. 
The design of this look was inspired by Nick Dudman's work on Jack Nicholson's portrayal, so the prosthetics always look like smiling even when I’m not doing so underneath. In order to do that, all my face castings needed to be made in a wide smile position. First I had to sculpt and cast several prosthetic pieces made out of foam latex.
I made 3 overlapping pieces, a forehead, the nose, an upper lip and finally the lower lip/chin/cheeks.
I also used tape under my eyebags to create a Lon Chaney-style look (I have small eyes).
Then for the eyebrows I knotted green-dyed hair (one hair at the time) into an ultra-thin lace.
The teeth are my own, 
I just painted my gums so the mouth would be the focus of attention.
The hair is also mine (lot of time styling it).

It required a lot of time and effort to pull this makeup out but at the end I believe it was worthy.

Instagram: @alex.artfx


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    This carries some serious power in evoking fear. You have really captured the potential energy, the potential danger in this character. When you smile, it's like a dare to be clueless enough to trust that the smile is sincere. It's more like the original joker but yet just as terrifying as the newer, darker versions. I would rank this with the smiles seen in Silence of the Lambs.
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    Well thank you so much for your words Darrell! Im very happy you like it cause it took a lot of hard work to get it done, I hope one day to do it again soon! Anthony Hopkins' incredible performance is a huge influence on these types of characters for sure!
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