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Hi @Matt Winston and Staff. First off I wanted to send huge compliments and a thank you to the entirely of those involved at the SWSCA. I have signed up for my first full subscription and I am enjoying every moment of it. The Pathways are extremely useful and I am hopefully getting everything I can out of the experience.

With that I do have a general query that I cannot seem to find an update or full details on in any way, only old posts.

I see mention of WORKSHOPS that were held where there was interaction similar tot he LIVE COURSES only there was "Homework" and potential for forms of course completion certificates(?) I don't see this anymore, have these been halted? or is it just that nothing is being offered right now?

Also I did see reference to something similar to this being in the works since roughly 2018/2019 regarding pathways where there was thought being put into offering something similar for these being completed as well.

Can someone please comment? =) Thank you again and keep up the good work!


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    Hey @ReanimatorFX -

    We're thrilled that you're getting so much out of your Stan Winston School subscription! We hope you continue to enjoy exploring our On-Demand Course library and that you enroll in our Live Courses as well. They are so much fun and you get to ask our faculty questions in real-time while watching them do their thing.

    Regarding your questions:

    LIVE COURSES WITH THE "WORKSHOP" OPTION - Although the students in the past who signed up at the "Workshop" level were able to receive valuable critique and guidance during Live Course shoots, this aspect of shooting our courses greatly reduced the amount of time we were able to spend shooting actual process, and the non-Workshop students suffered for it, so we decided to discontinue this option in the interest of packing our On-Demand Courses with more demonstration time for all in attendance.

    While we are still interested in adding this benefit, we have other website development priorities that have taken precedent. We may still do it in the future, but it will not be soon. That said, you should be aware that no employer in the FX or character creation industry will ever ask to see a certificate or a diploma, all they'll want to see is your portfolio. So we recommend that you continue to work on your skills and focus your energy on putting together an amazing portfolio that shows off your talents.

    Hope that helps clarify things!

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