Entry #1 out of 3 for The Character Makeup contest - The misunderstood makeup and mask

My name is Lina Hallgren. I am 20 years old. I live in Sweden. I love to create and my biggest passion is making costumes and bringing characters to life with makeup. I´ve been doing costumes and makeup my whole life and want to work with it someday.

You can find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cosplaylh/

This is my own original character based on a painting I did in 2018. This is a character from my own head, my own world, another world. In this world lives The Misunderstood a.k.a this character. She wears the monster as a trophy to show pride and yet, she is misunderstood. A leader seen from the wrong angle. Interpret as you want.

I used bright colours to give a fantasy feel. To show that it is not from this world.

The mask is made from scratch by me. The makeup is done by me on myself.

The blue base of the makeup is creampaint, the eyebrows are waterbased facepaint, the rest is everyday makeup to complete the look. I am also wearing brown contacts and an orange wig.

I like to take the characters that lives inside my head and put them on paper. Make them real, show other people the beings inside my head.
The painting its based on:

I made the mask with a base of cardboard covered in papier mache. The teeth, horns and eyes were then made with airdrying clay. I then painted it all with acrylic paint. The green blood is a regular fake blood recipe with green food colouring in it. The baby feet and hands are from an old doll painted blue. The head of the mask is worn like a hat and the lower jaw is strapped on to the head with elastic bands.

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    Thank you for posting your steps. This really evokes a story from one pose. I am kind of impressed that photo one and the painting gave me the same vibe for this character. You really brought it to life.
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