My take on Great Gremlin for the Character Makeup Contest 2021!

Here is my submission for the Character Makeup Contest 2021! This is my take on a Greta Gremlin. Everything seen was sculpted and molded myself and then applied on myself in my office. The face is a latex piece I made in one piece and the hand/arm is a single glove type creation involving a $7 rubber glove piece that I built upon and turned into my own creature arm! I LOVE Gremlins and its one of the reasons I wanted to get into creature effects and animatronics as a kid!

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    Here is the face in progress! Skulpted onto my own face form, molded, and each of the horns of the face skulpted out of thermoplastic beads!
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    The arm was a whole other beast. I found these cheap, fabric gloves at a costume store that had a molded rubber hand on the back (just the half, haha) for $7 and bought them figuring I could do something with them down the road and now was that time. I worked with layers of gauze adhesive bandages and plastic wrap to build the body and then sealed it all in latex. for the veining and details, I built up layers of latex, flour, hot glue, and some clay to extend the texture and blend the taped areas. I then sealed it all in latex and painted to the color palette I wanted. I added some werewolf nails and after a quick spa day for red nails, Greta's arm was finished! To attach I ultimately sewed the inner seam shut from my palm down to close it all off during use. Quick, cheap, and easy!

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    Phenomenal ! I wanna do halloween with you 
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    Really appreciate the posted steps and walk through.
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