Costume Fabrication: How to Make a Mask With Fred Fraleigh

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Hey everyone!
As requested, here's a link to the Labyrinth-esque Brian Froud-inspired mask created during my first year of the prop-making course I'm on!
Let me know what you think!
We were lucky enough to have both Brian and Wendy Froud visit us while we were making these, and they judged a one-day puppet build! I'd be happy to share my entry to that upon request  :lol:


  •[email protected] North Hollywood, California
    I dig the mask!
  • And here's Old Granny from Andy Stanton's Mr Gum book series, set in the Victorian era, again for a course module.
    90% recycled materials made in the first few months of lockdown from the couch!

  •[email protected] North Hollywood, California
    Hahha her Dracula boob hair really sells the character. 
  • Love old Granny. real LOL moment. Such a character.

  • Rob folkRob folk Canada
    I still have to get into the puppet making videos,  been focusing on painting. 
  • Loving this class. Here is my first go at Freds Horn technique.  Far from done but just having fun with no plan, exploring textures and shapes. I added some foam clay ridges, and a weird thing in between the horns LOL.  Looking forward to Day 3!
  • those look really nice Melissa
  • All these horns are amazing! 

    During last night's class I may have fallen asleep for the last hour (it was very late here, I promise it wasn't boredom :lol: )
    I've just caught up now and I'm gutted I didn't get to pass on my thanks to the crew and Fred so I'm going to do it here!

    THANK YOU! Fred, you've been a complete angel, it's been a pleasure to watch you do your thing and I've learnt so much from you and all the talented people in the chat <3 Your confidence has definitely grown since week 1 and I really am looking forward to dropping into ALL your lessons! 
    The crew have been absolutely fantastic, too, putting up with our chatty selves and giving us the best possible viewing experience <3 Thank you Matt, for moderating and asking all the questions and passing on all the comments! 
    Thank you everyone else who participated who made my first live sessions with SWSCA SO enjoyable! <3 

    Prepare for all the horns! (once I've passed this year of my uni course :lol: )

  • Giggity giggity!  I covered everything in rose gold lamé!  LOL  work in progress, but wow what a different vibe this gives!
  • Every thing looks so cool :)
  • hey guys, anyone remember that paint for Silk flowers that @Matt Winston mentioned in the Course? It had such a straight forward name it completely slipped my mind and its the one thing I did not make a bookmark / note for

    thank you!!!

  • Hey @Wolf Reicherter , Design Master Colortool Spray works great for silk flowers, but I can't recall if that's the brand we discussed during class. Sorry!
  • Rob folkRob folk Canada
    It was design master paint. I took that note. 
  • thank you @Matt Winston and Rob Folk

  • okay I went and bought the piping insulation. Lets see if I can find that gap filler, foam cord in my clearly labelled and organized storage
  • Happy to hear you took the plunge and bought some piping insulation, Wolf. Please share pics of whatever you make. But why do I get the sense that maybe your storage isn't that clearly labeled or organized...? :wink:

  • Oh ye of little faith @Matt Winston Alas, the container with the foam cord/gap filler seems to be one of those at the bottom of a bigger pile still.
  • Haahaaha! I assumed that you were being sarcastic when you wrote "my clearly labelled and organized storage." But sorry what you're looking for is at the bottom of the pile...
  • I m still getting used to having things labled and within reaching distance tbh. And If the box just says, FOAM, thats where the sarcasm comes from. I hope to have horn pics soon.
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