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  • Just saw the announcement *sigh* Anyway, I like seeing the progress everybody has shared. Great stuff!

    Will, that dog looks great! Can't wait to see the rest.

    I've submitted my work in the final page, but since it's been extended, I might as well ask for your guys' comments/feedback - maybe I'll have time to work more on it, but I doubt it.
  • Yeah, same here. I'd like some feedback as well. I plan on adding more weathering textures on the minigun and shin guards, and I wanna give that right arm some love, too. I might move the left hand onto the handle where the sling is attached to.
  • Hi!

    Tomasi, what bugs me in the image, is that the fire in the background is heading to the front due to it's saturation in color, I think. It has more or less the same tones as your skin, too. You could desaturate it a bit, in my opinion. Maybe you could also use the light of the fire in the background to intensify the silhouette of your character more? Suggestions, suggestions. Maybe some fire sparks in the foreground? Your call!

    Will, I understand what you mean. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll look it up, but probably not exactly as you did :) Thanks.

    Mathias, I think you could use a little bit more contrast in your image! Could be great to have a rim light there, too. Your call! I really like the dynamic you succeeded to put in your image, too.

    Have fun guys!
  • I see what yer saying, Caroline, I'll hit it up tonight. Another thing that bugs me personally: why are my rim lights not consistent on the left side?! WTF am I doing, falling asleep??


    Don't answer that. :P
  • Thanks for the feedback, Caroline! :)
  • Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez ✭✭✭
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    @Tomasi, I love the character and the lighting (although you might be right about the inconsistency on the left side). In my personal opinion you could add some detail such as scratches and some texture to his skin as they look a little plastic.
    I really like his "I'm a rock" pose. 

  • Hi Tomasi! I feel it much more, the focus is much more on your character this way! Also.... Gabriel's mom....... XD Yup, can't say more than that. Delicate attention!
  • This is how you create a character ;)

    Say hello to Jessica, Born today at 11am 
  • Oooooh snap! Baby Jess, welcome to our class, little homie
  • Congratulations Connor ! 
    She's beautiful ! 
  • Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez ✭✭✭
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    Congratulations!! God bless.
  • Congrats man! I know it sounds like a cliché, but enjoy it as long as it lasts. They grow up so fast! Mine will be 4 next month and it looks like she was born yesterday! Everything good with mommy?
  • Congratulations, Connor! She's beautiful!
  • Thanks everyone... sorry just had to show her off :)
  • I finally got around to put something online.
    This is my last version of Abaddon.
    Still have to render out parts of the armour, an arm and the sword.
    I didn't use any textures (yet). Is that a must for the illustration?
    I kinda hope not, cause I prefer to put everything in myself...
    Had a sh!tload of work on the skull. 
    Still got some work to do, but I was kinda hoping to have the video online for some fine-tuning.
    I guess nobody saw it yet? Didn't see it in the link in the other post...

    Ah well...
    I'll finish this one up as best as I can and hope Dan'll like it...

    If anyone has any tips or suggestions...
    Feel free...
  • Yeah, Chris mentioned that he hasn't received notification that it's up for viewing, so as soon as he gets it, we get it. Looks like the ball's in the School's court, now. I'll give a critique when I get to the house.
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    @Robin I like it and the mask looks really cool. I'd fix the colors of the character so they match the background, it will improve the image considerably.
    I dig that 3D idea!
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  • Yeah, the colours are of. 
    As you might realise I'm not easily happy with my results, so I changed the background AFTER I did the armour. Not so smart, but I'll go and fix the colours so they match.

    Video is up indeed. Downloading it right now so I can watch it on my way to work. (Not that I travel for 8 hours, but you get the idea)
  • So...
    I thought just to adjust some thing before I get of to work.
    Adjusted some of the colours and rechecking the lights. I very rough marked the places where I think should be more light that it has now. It's the light from the back, but also what wasn't in the previous image, some kind of red light bar on his chest. I also added some more contrast to the skull.
    I think I can go continue with this...
  • Robin I really like that dude!!
  • I really like how yours turned Connor, the composition works a lot better since you cut that woman in half :D 

    I would perhaps put a bit more light on the guy's head to make it pop out more. 
  • Hey Mony, thank you... Yeah I definitely feel the comp works better as well with her chopped in half. I took yours and Wills advice and darkened some bits up ( not as extreme though as in Wills draw  over ) and I added in what you said about lightening up around his head... I would have loved to spend more time on it though,  even though I have submitted now i will prob  try get it finished off next week so ill post it up again once I'm 100% finished it for you all to see
  • Seriously, I love everyone's submissions! There are aspects to everyone's pieces that I am overwhelmingly jealous of. And I'm glad that Jared managed to get himself some Photoshop action! Congrats, everyone! Time to bust out with the cake!
  • Will, you BEAST!! Now I want a scarf hahaha
  • Thanks man ^_^  ...it was definitely a mad dash in the end.  I still want to work on it thought o_0

    Anywho, great job to everyone.  I haven't seen this amount of creative collaboration in a long time.  
    High fives all around! and cake...mmMMMmmm cake.
  • I read it here and there before, but I gotta say to you guys also...
    I'll keep working on this project until I get the result that I have in mind.
    Might be cool to post it later on. Not sure if any of you guys keep checking this place out in the future. I sure will.
    Also think it's cool to see your future work. 
    I loved this webinar and it 'changed' the way of working for me. 
    Mainly it told me...
    Be patient and keep going till you reach what you want
    It's easy, there's a brush for it...
    And also taking more steps and going in different directions than I used to do.
    Totally different style.
    One that I loved to look at, but never thought of doing myself.
    It gave me some cool ideas for the future anyway...

    I had a blast and I still have. Been working on my character tonight again. Now I saw the firstpart of the webinar that I missed and kinda needed.
    Hope to hang around with you guys some more and keep in touch!

    Cool to see some of you guys (and gals) on Facebook and your works!

  • Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez ✭✭✭
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    @Robin I agree with absolutely everything you said there. I will definitely keep posting my stuff in here and will be checking it out from time to time. It would be nice to be in touch with everyone! Facebook me! llink is in my profile. 
    Great webinar, it also changed my perspective upon my work.
    Keep it up guys!
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