Our work so far



  • @Mony  Looks great so far!  
    one thing I would think about adding would be on the sign (like the design btw).  Because it looks a little 2D, i think a slight angle, frame or supports could help alot
  • Holy Merde!!! that looks amazing Mony... Tres Bien!
  • Love the details, Mony! Especially the texture on his/her/its body
  • Will, I love the expression on the guy's face!
  • Okay! I got everything blocked in.  Now to spend the next 48 hours rendering everything... oh man.  O.o
    Keep up the good work everybody!  We're nearly in the home stretch!
  • I'm right there with ya, Will! Oh man, this is gonna hurt... but it's a good, hurt, it's a good hurt hahaha

    I'm having a little trouble with Hipster Gunman's face looking muddy. Maybe lighten up on the dark tones? Any help would suffice, thanks. I'mma keep working on his arms and gear until I hear back from my fellow classmates re: Hipster Gunman's face.
  • @Tomasi Yeah, I think lighting it up would help a lot.  You could add a cooler light one one side or just keep it simple
  • In your face Irish man!  Only got to some head and shoulders.
    See you tomorrow...
  • Tomasi AkimetaTomasi Akimeta ✭✭✭
    edited September 2013
    Looks freaking awesome, Will! Flippin' love it, brother.
  • me and my Irish face love it Will... Looking awesome bro!

    Tomasi I think your guy looks like Dudley from Street fighter, the only thing I notice though is the text on his chest does not seem to be in perspective with his chest. Other than that looking good dude! 
  • Thank you very much everyone !

    Haha Tomasi, love the flip-flops xD 
  • @Will That might give me something to look at. The pose of the hand is kind of what I had in mind. I'll take a look what I can (still) do...

    @Conner I'll sure take a look. Thanks for the search tips.

    And man!!!
    Not enough time. Got my mother in law at our plce right now and had to show her some things in this country... Bye bye time...
    Hope to be home in time tomorrow night to do some more work...
    We'll just have to draw some extra at work...
    Hopefully I might can just a little...

    You guys got some nice work done there!
  • Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez ✭✭✭
    edited September 2013
    Hey guys! your work is amazing! I've been working on my evil/brute version of Gabriel and, to be honest, right now it is in that stage when I'd rather not show it yet because it looks terribly strange . Anyway..here's the sketch of the final version I ended up with. Hope you like it. (The left knee is a little low, I've already fixed it)
    A couple days ago, I posted a drawing of Bane I did last month, the staging pose I chose for this character is almost the same.
    The staples are gonna be a lot more detailed, I just drew their position on this guy's body. Right now it looks more like Sally lol
     Your comments are always valuable!
  • I like the sketch, Jorge. Not that I would ever estimate or predict what Dan would say regarding it, but I, for one, would like to see more going on as far as the armor design, or rather, what other bits of design you have planned out. However, with that said, I like what you have so far. Can't wait to see the rest when you post it up!
  • All I have left is the minigun, the ammo belt, and the duffle bag, and maybe even a drop shadow so he doesn't fly off the page.

    Mkay, it's 3:37am, and  I gotta get up in a few hrs. Gnight!
  • Thanks Tomasi! I've been adding some armor to the design through the coloring process, I'll post something later. But yeah, you are right , he looks a little ''too nude'' lol.
    Your character is really amazing!  Can't wait for tomorrow to see everyone's work!

  • Im still missing the weapons and some other pieces but I wanted to show you the texture Ive been working on for Pandemonium Gabriel. I thought of a reptile like skin, wrapped on a transparent, plastic like material.
  • dude, Jorge, how the heck did you get that subsurface translucency? that is freaking awesome, man! Lemme know how you did it so I can totally bite off your technique! :):)
  • Little detail bit.  This is going to go till the last minute!  Hope we can all finish in time.
  • Will, you TEASE! HAHAHA!
  • Awesome man!
  • Hello there !

    Since we got an extension, I thought about posting my pic here until Friday.
    I think I'm done, but well, any ideas are welcomed.
    Not sure I'll have time to do much more though. 

    What do you think ? :)
  • Hiii

    Thought I'd do like Mony. 

    This is what I have so far, I was ready to post it in the "finals", but since it is extended... any ideas or comments are welcomed!

    Thanks guys!

  • Haha great minds think alike.. Pretty much done as well, So here is mine, I still need to do the hands on the woman, and some slight tidying up.

    @ Mony Absolutely love it... There is actually nothing more I can say, Love the tiny details like the slime on his feet!

    @ Caroline Again Absolutely love it, The lens flair and and spot light really make it feel like a scene from a movie. The stickers are really funny too and help add to it and the hair is awesome!

  • edited September 2013
    Because of the extension and the fact that I was going for another long final session to finish as much as I could, I will not post anything yet. My midnight work will be postponed to the time that the sun should shine and the rain is falling from the skies...
    But I'll put my stuff up tomorrow before I start finishing it up and to get your critiques...

    @Mony: I like it, I like it a lot. If you weren't French I would marry you. :-p
    Love the details and textures. Hard to find some points of improvement. Only thing I can think of right now is some highlights on the edges of the leg armour. Might pop it out even a bit more. And I adore those tiny and shiny highlights...
    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

    @Caroline: Love it too. Like the style, the idea, the colours, the hair, the bike, the FX. Awesome!

    @Connor: I think this turned out very cool too man! I only think you could add some more shading and contrast to your figures. This will make em more alive and give them volume. Laso check the hairand those lines on her body. Not all lines are behind the hair. And blend those lines in her too with the shading. You got a sweet piece of work!
  • I've already posted my final submission but I'd like to share it here, in a smaller size. Please let me know what you think about it! Maybe there's still some stuff to be done with this one!
  • Cheers Robin, Yeah I still need to tidy up a lot of it, But I am taking a break for a day or two so I can come back to it with fresh eyes, re watch the course video and then do any changes and adjustments.

    Jorge, I really like this design the only thing I could suggest is adding a bit more detail to his body to make it a bit more defined, but other than that its looking Ace, good job dude!
  • @Jorge: I have to say I like it.Two things that I noticed and would like to mention. The head looks so small. I know 'they' use it more often like that, but I think just a bit bigger makes him a bit more menacing. And you still have quit some lines. Maybe you can get rid of these? I love the skin, but at some points the lines  you drew are in the way. Mainly on his right inner upper leg. Maybe blend it in with the rest?
  • Thanks for your comments guys! I showed my work to many people today and they ALL said the same thing: head is too small. It's fixed now (thanks @Robin). Maybe it's this whole "Luchador" concept messing around with my sense of proportions :P.
    As for the lines, I got rid of them and had a very happy incident: it turns out to be a much shinier material now. 
    I also color graded it...I think I like it a lot more.
    What do you guys think?
  • *whew* I'm so happy that the time has been extended.  
    Okay, I'm laying it down (y'all DID ask for it) The pictures are just quick edits to help me communicate... I talk better with pictures.

    @Jorge  The left leg is way smaller than the other

    @Connor I've attached a rough picture of lighting changes. I also, shifted a thing or two around.

    @Caroline Not sure where any of the light sources are coming from.  The attached picture focuses on the big spotlight and its casted shadow.

    @Mony I'd be curious to see what some highlights would look like on the sunglasses.  Also, maybe a stucco texture on the wall it's stuck to?

    They are all awesome and I'm super jealous of all y'alls ideas.
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