Weight vs Volume Measurements in resin/silicone castings?

What is the go-to weight "measurement" in the industry when making SFX type items? For example, if I'm going to send instructions to someone to build a widget that needs a resin mold and then silicone casting, what is the preferred measurement to use? While I'm a believer there are no stupid questions,, I feel kind of silly asking this. But you don't know what you don't know right?
Thanks in advance -Eric 


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    Hey Eric,

    i prefer to use   the Volume as measurement. 

    Its easier to  use volume because   it includes the   size of the surface and the  hight/ strenght of the  items wich will  be builted.

    Depending on which material is used and which density it has, the weight can spread  a lot while the volume will always be the same on the same project. 

    I hope it helps.



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    Hi Eric,

    In my experience, it's mostly ounces or grams if it's a really small volume and accuracy is required.

    In some cases, the volume is good as you may have a mold with a known interior size but you may use different materials to cast into it, and for each material, you'll have to calculate different A/B mix ratios, and some materials may expand.


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    Thank you gents, good information. 
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