Best Method for fur transfer onto silicone skin?

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Hello I have been working on a cat puppet and have decided to see if it would be possible to use a silicone skin made with Smooth on EcoFlex 00-30. The skins have come out great, but I am now trying to figure out what the best adhesive and methods would be best for a fur transfer on silicone skin?


  • Hi Jay,

    We passed your question along to our Fur Transfer course instructor Deborah Galvez and she offers this advice:

    "As a good rule of thumb, silicone needs a silicone adhesive. Try a silicone caulking and do small areas at a time as the silicone has a certain amount of work time. Try a TEST first to make sure it works. Hope this helps."

  • Thanks Matt! I do recall in the lesson from the fur transfer course Deborah mentioned she was still "trying to crack the code" when it comes to silicone fur transfer. Would you be able to ask her if she has found any adhesive or method that works for durability?
  • Hi Jay, I believe Deborah's original response answers your follow-up question. Silicone caulking is what you should use as an adhesive for silicone skin, working small areas at a time. But as she also says, be sure to TEST first!
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