Lace Wig with virgin rémy cuticle hair

Is it possible use virgin remy cuticles hair making wig lace? 
What about tangling because of cuticles are in upside direction when knotted on lace? 


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    I'm not proficient with wig making so I've passed your question along to our team.  Once I have an answer I'll update you here!


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    Hi Vitangelo76,

    Our instructor and master wig maker Connie Criswell has this to say:

    Using hair to make lace? I’m confused about that question. But yes, if the hair is tied with the cuticles upside down, the wig will be horribly tangled. The hair cuticles look like this:
    Kind of like an artichoke upside down in layers. So if the hair is tied the other way and then brushed, then it tangles on itself. To tell which direction the cuticles are going, take a strand of the hair and run it through your index finger and thumb and feel. If it’s smooth, it’s the correct direction. If it has a jagged feel, then it’s upside down. I hope that helps.

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    Thanks so much for reply me and sorry for my english. 

    I try to make question more clear. I'm trying to make my wig for myself using lace and virgin cuticles correct hair. 

    I need to know if is possible use virgin cuticles hair with lace. I use single knot and the return is obviusly in inverse direction.
     I'm afraid my wig could be in tangling, but I like more virgin cuticles hair then decuticles one. 

    Thanks a lot for help.

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    Hey again Vitangelo76, Here's Connie's response:

    "Oh, I see what you’re saying. If it’s only the return then the wig will be fine. It only tangles if it’s a whole strand of hair colliding with other full strands. The return is short and shouldn’t tangle. Some wigmakers trim the return of the tied piece for less visible short hairs popping through the wig. I have tied wigs with long returns and the wigs haven’t tangled."
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    Hi Matt, 

    Great new.. I always bought wig with decuticles indian hair  but for wig I'm giong to do I'll use virgin cuticles correct european hair. 

    About sealing knot I was thinking to use matte nail polish after bleach hair (my colour is n° 2).What about this? 

    Thanks so much. 
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    Hey again Vitangelo76, Here are Connie's thoughts on using nail polish to seal the knot:

    "Why do you need to seal it? If you use water for dipping your hair in as you tie your knot, it should be strong enough. I have never used anything to seal a knot. If the knot is tight, it will hold. Using nail polish to seal it sounds like an unnecessary mess and could cause discoloration to the wig foundation."
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