so i was infatuated by the mask being displayed by the left with the beard and how incredible it looked, was curious what type of hair was used for the beard and head? looks amazing. also he mentioned that was made with a polyfoam skin, was curious if someone can elaborate on that process? 


  • Hey Kevin,

    The hair and beards for Patrick's masks are all hand laid crepe wool. The "skin" is all made from a combination of liquid latex, cotton, and paper towels. You can watch Patrick's entire process in the lesson, so dive in:

    Happy Mask Making, 

  • KJourKJour Manchester, UK
    edited September 2020
    So I'm watching Articulated Mask Making On a Budget Part 1 (I'm hooked!) and although I've not finished it yet, I was wondering; when using plaster to make a mask what do you do about the model's eyes (specifically their eyelashes) if you are working on a live model?
    Kind regards,
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Kaz,

    You would want to release any facial hair with something like vaseline.

  • I am getting ready to create a mask using Patrick's technique but I am a little concerned about using the plaster bandages around the eye area.  Is there a concern for the wet plaster getting into the eyes or the tear ducts?
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Dae,

    You do need to be careful with anything around someone's eyes.  With the plaster bandages, I would make sure not to over saturate it with water so it is not dripping or running down into their eyes.  It can help to use a rag or paper towel lightly over the eye area to pick up extra moisture so it does not run down during application.

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