Which Silicon is generally the best to use when making prosthetics, as well as moulds.

Hi all!

I'm new to the SFX industry, particularly in creating my own moulds, casts & prosthetics. 
Because of this, I was wondering if someone could please tell me which of these silicones from this shop near me (https://www.barnes.com.au/addition-cured-silicone-4?orderby=reference&orderway=desc) would be the best to use universally/generally? If you recommend several for separate uses or reasons & would be able to tell me why, I would highly appreciate that.

Thank you for your time!


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    On the site you provided, PLATSIL GEL-10 is a good general purpose silicone.  It's also a common silicone, so gaining experience with it will be valuable.  You can make both prosthetics and molds with Gel-10.  Though sometimes you may want a harder silicone for molds or a softer silicone for prosthetics.  Gel-10 is a common middle of the road silicone, and you can add a deadener to it for softer/more flexible prosthetics, or a thickener to help with mold making if needed.

    The number after Platsil Gel is the durometer, so the Platsil Gel-00 is much softer and the Platsil Gel-25 is much harder.  If you find the Gel-10 is too soft for a specific mold/project I would try the 25.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Chris, 

    I hope you're doing well & staying safe during this time.

    Thank you so much for your reply - it was incredibly helpful & just what I was needing to know!

    Kind Regards,
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    My pleasure!

    Looking forward to seeing what you create with it!

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