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Hi there, following Jordu Schell’s advice I’m looking into getting a resin skull to study.
 I’mnew to sculpting and plan on making mostly Buddhist statues of the 1:6 scale. In the future probably some 1:4 scale statues.
my question is, should I get a skull in 1:6 because that’s the size I’ll be mostly sculpting or would a 1:4 scale allow better ‘studying’ of the details of the skull? Any bigger than those would not be convenient for me.
thanks for the help

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  • Matt WinstonMatt Winston Admin
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    Hey Adhimutto,

    Yes, if you think you'll eventually be sculpting in 1:2 scale, I would definitely purchase the larger of the two skulls you're considering. Thanks for sharing your first sculpture by the way!! You should be proud of your efforts. We look forward to seeing your progress as you begin to use more anatomical reference in your work. All the best from your creative family at SWSCA, Matt


  • Hi Adhimutto, Your instincts are correct. It will be best for you to purchase the larger 1:4 scale reference skull as it will be easier to study the details then if you were to purchase the 1:6 scale skull. We wish you good luck with your Buddhist statues. Please share them here on our Forums! We'd love to see the results. Wishing you all the best, Matt
  • AdhimuttoAdhimutto Thailand
    Thanks for the answer Matt! 
    On further investigation, the size I’ll be mostly sculpting will be 1:4, with probably doing some 1:2 scale in the future.
    i was initially trying to decide between 4” tall skull from proko (I assume that would be 1:2)
    and the 1:4 scale from bone clones

    Following your advice Matt, i should get the 1:2 model then right?
     Thanks a lot for the advice!
  • AdhimuttoAdhimutto Thailand
    Also here’s my first sculpture, misshaped proportions but it’s start!
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    That's a great start! 

    In terms of the reference skull, I usually go in favor of larger.  Personally, I find translating the scale of a detail easier than struggling to see a detail in a smaller reference.  Having a pair of sculpture calipers is also handy, as they let you measure a feature in one scale and directly convert it to the size you need.  


  • AdhimuttoAdhimutto Thailand
    Thanks Chris,
    on further reflection, most of the sculptures I create will be 1:6 and 1:4. Would you  recommend a 1:2 skull over a 1:4? Even if most of sculptures are 1:6 and 1:4?...Calipers are a good idea too, thanks!
  • AdhimuttoAdhimutto Thailand
    Here’s my second statue in the works (heads probably a little big, but I think the disproportion looks cool)
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    It does look cool, nothing wrong with an artistic or stylized interpretation!  

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