*** Monster Makeup Contest Winner Announcement ***

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Thank you to everyone who shared their amazing monster creations in our Monster Makeup Contest! You gave us a summer of unforgettable Monster Madness and we're thrilled to celebrate your skill and creativity. 
The intricate detail showcased in our winning makeup combined with a fascinating, yet creepy character, made this winner stand out. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the 2020 Monster Makeup Winner: Nory Turk's LICH

As Nory Turk's wrote along with the submission: "I've created something special for this contest." And we concur. LICH is a special character who manages to have both presence and style. He's a vibrant and fully-fleshed concept that elicits a touch of dread, along with admiration for his showmanship. 
Congratulations Nory Turk's on winning the Grand Prize - Sponsored by our friends at the Motion Picture F/X Company.

Grand Prize Pack: Over $1,590 Value!

  • From Motion Picture F/X Company:  Over $1,200 Value!
    • 35-. 2oz Pro-Pax ( Pax Paint)
    • 4 oz Pros aid and 4 oz Remover
    • 12 pk powder puffs
    • 12 pk pre-cut sponges
    • Stipple sponge
    • Colorless powder
    • 6- Pro Aiir Dips
    • 31-. 2oz Pro Aiir Airbrush makeup
    • ProAiir Zombie Makeup kit. 1-2 & 3
    • ProAiir Thinner 
    • Pro-Aiir ProLong Makeup extender
    • The Blood Quart
    • The Pumping Blood Quart
    • 140 cc syringe
    • Blood Paste
    • Swamp Moss Paste
    • Zombie Rot Paste
    • Crepe hair
    • Monster teeth
    • 2 Bald Caps
  • From The Stan Winston School:
    • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!
    • Artist Spotlight on the Stan Winston School Blog - PRICELESS
    • Stan Winston School T-Shirt - $30 value!

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Helena Queen of Instagram - weirdoluis

Lizard warrior - Dean Garner     

Dry Zombie – Christina Pedragosa

Ostegoth - Beck Blapple: 

Adam Mark 5 - David Foxley: 

Dr.Satan - Taelorfx

Frankenstein's Monster - Steven Dawley

MUMM-RA the ever living! - Dan Crawley

Piggy Man – Izzi Galindo

Gremlin/Orc - Claire Golby: 

Eddie the Trooper - Begona F. Martin: 

Xystheria of the Fallen - Ashley Lovett: 

Broken Demon - Abraham Gomez Resendiz: 

- Team Stan Winston School
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    Muchas gracias a STAN WINSTON SCHOOL por esta magnifica forma de ínter actuar con el medio y sus grandes artistas a nivel internacional, gracias por la mención honorifica que nos otorgo el jurado calificador es un orgullo ser Mexicano y recibir este galardón muchas gracias al EQUIPO de Morphix Group que hizo posible este personaje toda una realidad, ya todos los compañeros caracterizadores felicidades y mucho éxito en sus proyectos futuros.

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  • Congratulations !!!! Great makeup dude 
  • Congratulations, my student Nory Turk's!!!
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    I can't believe it! Many talanted artists from all over the world took part in this contest. I liked watching every work. I disided to create this character in the end of contest.
    I thank so much Stan Winston school for possibility to see and connect with great artists. Also I thank  Motion Picture F/X Companyfor wonderfull prize. I promise, I'll create new fantastic characters with these materials.
  • congratulations to all the winners, ur amazing.  
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