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Substitute to cabosil ?

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Hey guys!

I'm stuck somewhere with no cabosil and I want to thicken and mattify my platinum silicone to do some patching/seaming. I already have tixo but I want a peanut butter feal. 

Is there an alternative, like translucent makeup powder, corn starch? Any ideas? 

Thanks :smile: 

Update : I tried with translucent makeup powder, it does ticken it, but the silicone became opaque... So its a no no for me! 

Update 2 : I tried with corn starch... Became white... Obviously :neutral:
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  • Hi Rose, I shared your question with our Silicone Sculpting & Patching course series instructor Chris Grossnickle and he has this to say:

    "Is there any liquid thickener available? Thi-Vex, Thixotropic, any type of thickening agent? Depending on how hot it is in your environment, you can mix your silicone, wait until it gets thicker, then spread it out and soften with solvent as needed. This method is good for creating shapes as long as you have some plasticity in the silicone to help you move it around the way you want once it starts to thicken. The only problem is that you have to do small areas, because of set up time, especially if it's hot. If it has to be smooth, even better, because when it's in that thickened stage you can really buff the surface with a fan brush and solvent."
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