Questions regarding casting character appliances

I had two questions regarding the silicone appliances casting for the hag  I never knew it existed 😂

Is it fine releasing a silicone mold out of rebound and a epxacoat /Ultracal mold with just Vaseline and ease release 400 ? 

And which glue does he use for an adhesion layer  between the baldiez and the silicone ?


  • Hey Maximilian, I passed your question along to our How to Run Silicone Prosthetics course instructor Cory Czekaj and this is what he had to say:

    "Ok, I have never used Rebound. I know it is a 2-part brush on silicone but I have never used it personally. As for how to release a normal silicone mold, you can us stearic acid and buff it out, then let it dry, followed by Epoxy Parfilm until it looks glossy. Not wet, but pretty shiny. Ease Release DOES NOT WORK for silicone molds or epoxy molds. I have had zero luck with that release! Stay away from that release or you will end up ruining that silicone mold. The Baldiez sticks to it super bad! You can also just use Epoxy Parfilm for the epoxy mold as well. Imperial has a nice glue to bond the Baldiez to silicone. It is called Orchid 67. It will need to be sprayed on with a detail gun or airbrush."
  • Hey Matt 

    thank you so much for asking Cory, really helped 

    i just was wondering If he means by buffing just brushing it firmly in and what he thinks about Vaseline ... for both these kinds 
  • Hey Maximilian, Here's some additional info from Cory. Hope it helps!

    "By 'buff out' I mean to take a new chip brush and lightly remove any excessive stearic acid residue out of the mold. You could use a paper towel, chip brush, air hose, anything to get the excess release out. Too much is no good. Stearic goes on thick and clumpy and dries in streaks. You just need to leave behind a very thin layer of release inside the mold after you dry brush or "buff" out the mold.
    As for Vaseline...NO!!! No matter how little you use, it will still transfer to the Baldiez and permanently become a part of the piece. Paint has a very hard time sticking then, as well as your glues, during application. Baby wipes or a light alcohol scrub on the appliance will help but Vaseline is a tough release to get off of the appliance."
  • Great thank you so much for the help 👍🏼👍🏼
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