Civil Engineer Looking for a Career Change

I've been a Civil Engineer for about 4 years and have come to find out that I'm not as passionate about it as the work I do after I clock out. I've been fabricating heavily for about 3 years out of my own pocket but I've known about character arts since I did my high school senior project on sfx building a full werewolf costume from scratch.

I'm located in Georgia at the moment and looking for any type of paid apprenticeship, entry level, intern position that anyone can point me to. I know it'll be hard because I'm not formally trained but I think if my attention wasn't split between what I'm good at and my day job, a lot can happen over a short period of time. I also post everything on my tafkar_ instagram page.

Hopeful for the future  :)


  • Welcome to our community, dontaiz93.

    Making a career change takes bravery, but you'll be far happier if you're pursuing your passion. I encourage you to start sharing images of your art here on our forums. That's going to be the best way to network and potentially catch the eye of someone who can help you find an entry-level position doing what you love.

    Wishing you the best of luck on your creative adventure!

  • I will definitely do that!
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