How to Make a Mask-Part One Question - The Under-Sculpt...

Hi, just a quick question about the KC2 under-sculpt. I might have missed why this was needed. I think it's a really interesting concept that I've not seen other sculptors use. Is it simply because it gives a nice smooth generic foundation for the epoxy, or i there more to it than that?

If this is posted in the wrong section, please move it! Wasn't sure if I should post in the past lesson section


  • Hi Steve, 

    The KC-2 was primarily added to create a better final fit for the Magic Sculpt mask. If Bruce had sculpted the mask directly onto the head form without first building up the layer of KC-2, the mask would be far too small to fit his face.

    Happy mask making,

  • Thanks Matt, keep up the good work. Your videos are keeping a lot of people sane right now, including me!
  • Hey Steve,

    Glad to hear our courses are keeping you sane (and creative) during this crazy time.

    All the best from your friends at Stan Winston School,

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