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  • Sort of shy about posting my stuff around, but I'm so excited to start work with Ted I can't help myself. Because I'm on the east coast and there aren't a lot of SFX opportunities I fell into making cosplay, fursuits, and props. Since customers want their pieces to last forever(lol), and they have to be comfortable AND they have to be able to breathe and move well AND they can never need maintainence- I lose a lot of potential detail I could have otherwise with a costume, which is kind of a downer, but for what I do I think I do it okay.

    Some minor bodysuit sculpting(Mostly just muscular inserts or a very minorly modified bodysuit, nothing very elabourate), both of these were with fleece and airbrushing-  That one uses fur to cover up the 'doubled up' traps and delts because they didn't move right with the fleece(Bear in mind most of these are for customers and I only have myself to model them so a lot may look baggy in areas), this one's mine and uses vinyl pretty extensively in the design .

    I like working with fleece and fur because the fabrics are both very forgiving and tend to last longer than just latex over foam.. fur especially is very design-forgiving:

    And my real passion is just churning out animal and monster heads, and if I can turn a profit from it all the better: (This was made for a north carolina animal rescue charity), (A customer's design and character).
  • Hello everyone, looking forward to the class. I dabble in everything so I'll post a sample of my works.imageimage<img
  • Hey Gretchen very nice work.
  • I love your metal sculptures, Troy. That set is beautiful too.. is that from MST3K?
  • Gretchen, Troy, really great stuff! Very creative indeed. Gretchen's tiger costume and Troy's seahorse are most impressive.
  • Thanks Gretchen and James. The set is something I did for the puppet you see at the bottom. Just made of cardboard and some plastics from around the house. Add some led lights and airbrush and a puppet space ship is born. Lol
  • It's really cool! Nicely done, man!

  • Holy crap james, nice detail in that yoda skin textures! Kanekalon for the hair?
  • Well, I didn't do all the sculpting myself. This is a big project, so it's in conjunction with other artists. One plans the build and sculpts the base: me. Another does the clean up: Phil Robinson, then mold, rubber pull, and then back to me for assembly, paint and hair (my own white hairs ^_^ ) then back to someone else for eyes...
    And then back to me for puppeteering.
    Thanks though and I'll pass on the compliments to Phil.
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  • Awesome james, will the fan film be available to watch on like youtube or something when its done? My husband is a SUPER BIG star wars nerd and would just die. I showed him the yoda puppet as is, and I believe his reaction was "ASLKDAKSDUAIO2341U!!!!!!"
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    I did this bust after watching the Casey Love tutorial.image
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    Gretchen the quality of your work is superb. Troy your metal sculpture belongs in a gallery. James, I dig that the sculpt on the Yoda puppet is from the early film and not the digital version. He is a little creepy.
  • Wow, Michael! That is really cool; I'm gonna have to watch that tut. Which one was it?

    And how is Yoda creepy?! ^_^
  • Thanks for the kind words Michael, the skeksis is on target.
  • Wow, michael, just WOW! That is some seriously eye popping detail. I don't know what else to say other than HOLY HELL.
  • What I do is build puppets.
  • Hey Tom, I love the puppets! The kid with the monkey is great. I am also a puppet maker, we should connect.
  • wow all of the stuff is AWESOME!!!

  • as promised Gretchen a little explanation of finger mechanisms.

  • Thought I would post a few more works to keep this going. You all showed some amazing works please post them so I can study. Tiger is a acrylic painting, teeth carved foam prop, robot is a puppet.
  • Awesome stuff Troy! How far is everyone in their pattern making? I just finished patterning yesterday night and plan on blowing up the pattern tomorrow as it is a holiday here in Canada.  I blew up just one piece this morning-the smallest pattern piece (A Shoulder)- as a test and the thing was gigantic lol Hope everyone is doing well. I plan on only blowing it up to 5 times and making a small test then making some adjustments to the pattern ...then blowing it up 12 times bigger than the original. I'll post as I go.
  • Made a small version of the body, adjusted it and it should be good to go. Having to think through the head. Trying to leave it hollow to add mechs. But I will have to sculpt a larger one to get a pattern.
  • Looks like you got it Troy!
  • Hey Chris, thanks for the video.
  • no problem Troy
  • wow I am really blown away with what you all are showing.
    Gretchen: Thats really incredible stuff. Cool costumes. Your heads are looking really cool. I am pretty certain with this workshop your suits will improve a hell of a lot to match up with those incredible heads.
    Troy: Those are really nice sculptures and puppets. Painting too. A man of many talents.
    James: That Yoda is SO spot on. And you do the voice perfectly. Or damn close at least. Love it.
    Michael: Very cool Skeksis. I loved those things. That JW-black thing is super eery. But now I wanna know what you painted out in that picture  ;)
    Tom: Those puppets look really solid. The kids must love em.
    Christopher: Thanks for sharing that insight. That made a few things more clear to me. Do you have and tips on how to do something that just elongates human fingers with two more movable digits? (and yes you win on the beard scale)

    Okay here are a few things I have done. The first two are of one of my bodypainting adventures which can be found here:
    The second are sketches and pics of one of the highlights of my career, I did not sculpt these but I was the main designer for a darkride and was able to do the character design of the good aliens, the bad aliens and the ugly aliens as well as the vehicle design. And then I had the pleasue of supervising the sculpting and fabrication of these giant animatronics. Sadly that left no time to learn any of the how they did it.

    I will try to get a piece of foam to sculpt my maquette tomorrow and I have the model coming over wednesday to make our duct tape manequin. Anybody got any tips? Besides having him wear some disposable clothes underneath?  :D

  • Geez! I am out of my league. I'm gonna try to keep up :)


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