"Monthly Activated Courses" error

My basic subscription renewed a few days ago, but I haven't been able to play any new course videos.
When I go into My Account->My Courses, it shows that I've got 5/4 courses activated, these were courses that I watched last month and the month before. It's like my Activated Courses didn't renew when my subscription renewed.
Any way of clearing this for me?


  • Hi JoyMonkey,

    I've passed your note along to our web team and we'll let you know as soon as we resolve the issue.

    Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend,

  • Hey JoyMonkey, 

    Just following up to let you know that we're still working on figuring this out for you. Thanks for your patience!

    Hope your  week is getting off to a good start,

  • Thanks Matt!
  • Hey again JoyMonkey, 

    Thanks again for your patience. Our web team has cleared your activated courses, so you should be able to activate new courses to watch.

    They're still trying to figure out the underlying issue that caused this glitch in the first place, so please let us know if it happens again.

    We refunded your most recent subscription payment, so please enjoy the rest of the month on us!

    All the best from your creative family at Stan Winston School,

  • Perfect. Thanks for getting it sorted out Matt! I'll let you know if my courses count ever goes wonky again.
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